Volume 23 No.1, April 2016


8.A. Hendy, Ş. Bubenek: Pulse waveform hemodynamic
monitoring devices: recent advances and the place in goal-directed therapy in cardiac surgical patients

Case reports
9. E. Bojaxhi, A. Kalava, R. Greengrass: Utilization of paravertebral nerve blocks as part of a multimodal analgesic regimen in a patient with Bernard-Soulier syndrome undergoing a Nuss procedure

10.R.C. Ţincu, C. Cobilinschi, Z. Ghiorghiu, R.A. Macovei: Acute mercury poisoning from occult ritual use

The open mind
11. A.K. Martin: Singularity now: using the ventricular
assist device as a model for future humanrobotic

Special article
12. G.M. Gurman: Management of the hopelessly ill
patient: to stop or not to start?

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