Volume 22, No.2, October 2015


1. J.R. Renew, S.J. Brull: Into the deep end: a look at the functional changes of neuronal pathways in the deeply anesthetized state Download full article

2.R. Parker, M.J. Rice: Benefits of antioxidant supplementation
in multi-trauma patients Download full article

3. E. Bojaxhi: Less is more: lack of benefit of fentanyl
addition to a bupivacaine-morphine spinal anesthetic for Cesarean section Download full article

4.D. Whitaker: Implementing the WHO Surgical Safety Checklistt Download full article

Original Papers
5.B. Pavel, C.A. Acatrinei, F. Menardy, C.M.D. Zahiu, D. Popa, A.-M. Zagrean, L. Zagrean: Changes of cortical connectivity during deep anaesthesia
Download full article

6. O.H. Bedreag, A.F. Rogobete, M. Sărăndan, A.C.
Cradigati, M. Păpurică, O.M. Roşu, L. Luca, C. Vernic, R. Nartiţă, D. Săndesc: Influence of antioxidant therapy on the clinical status of multiple trauma patients: a retrospective single center study Download full article

7.P. Thornton, D. Hanumanthaiah, R.A. O’Leary,G. Iohom: Effects of fentanyl added to a mixtureof intrathecal bupivacaine and morphine for spinal anaesthesia in elective caesearean section Download full article

8. Z. Alkandari, S.L. Kind, D.R. Spahn, P. Biro: Early
post-anaesthesia recovery parameters – a prospective
observational study Download full article

9.D. McGinlay, D. Moore, A. Mironescu: A prospective
observational assessment of SurgicalSafety Checklist use in Brasov Children’s Hospital barriers to implementation and methods to improve complianceDownload full article

10.A.H. Onuţu: Duloxetine, an antidepressant with analgesic properties – a preliminary analysis Download full article

Case reports
11.E.-L. Stănciulescu, S. Iancovici, C.R. Asmarandei, I.M. Grinţescu: Coronary fistula – an unexpected preanaesthetic finding Download full article

12.Q.E. Ali, S.H. Amir, S. Kamal, S. Bansal: Management
of accidental extubation during oral surgery by nasotracheal intubation using the King vision video laryngoscope and a gum elastic bougie – a case reportDownload full article

Book review
Clinical Anaesthesia, 3rd edition Download full article

In memoriam
Dan Tulbure Download full article

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Eficacitatea si efectele adverse ale analgeziei controlate de  pacient pe cale intravenoasa sau peridurala dupa chirurgia abdominala majora la pacientii vârstnici. Details