Volume 22, No.1, April 2015


1. A.K. Martin: Dreaming with a broken heart: the
importance of Takotsubo cardiomyopathy as a
perioperative etiology of anesthetic-related cardiopulmonary
dysfunction Download full article

2. E. Bojaxhi: What is hiding the compartment syndrome? Download full article

Original Papers
3.R. Fodor, A. Cioc, B. Grigorescu, B. Lăzescu, S.M.
Copotoiu: Evaluation of O-POSSUM vs ASA and APACHE II scores in patients undergoing oesophageal surgery
Download full article

4. A. Cioc, R. Fodor, O. Benedek, A. Moldovan, S.M. Copotoiu: Blood sampling as a cause of anemia in a general ICU – a pilot study Download full article

5.C. Zdrehuş: Anaesthesia for carotid endarterectomy
– general or loco-regional? Download full article

6. N.M. Benyahia, A. Verster, V. Saldien, M. Breebaart, L. Sermeus, M. Vercauteren: Regional anaesthesia and postoperative analgesia techniques for spine surgery – a review Download full article

7. D.S. Dîrzu, S.M. Copotoiu: Effectiveness versus
efficiency in a medical skills laboratory
Download full article

Focused eviews
8. S.J. Vaida, L.A. Gaitini, M. Frass, J. Prozesky: Current status of the EasyTube: a review of the literature
Download full article

Case reports
9. R. Varutti, T. Setti, T. Ezri, G. Nicolosi, G. Rellini, M. Cassin, Y. Leykin: Postoperative Takotsubo cardiomyopathy triggered by intraoperative fluid overload and acute hypertensive crisis Download full article

10. J. Rauf, G. Iohom, B. O’Donnell: Acute compartment
syndrome and regional anaesthesia – a case report Download full article

11. G. Gheorghiu, D. Benteu, C. Neamţu, R. Boieru, G. Ţăranu, D. Săndesc: Benefits of early haemofiltration
during aorto-bifemural bypass with mesenteric revascularization – a case report Download full article

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Romanian authors at “Euroanaesthesia” 2014

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Death – a medical approach

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