Volume 21, No.2, October 2014


1. I. Acalovschi: Our Journal in English
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2.S. Mărgărit: Biomarkers of sepsis, a never-ending story Download full article

Original Papers
3. H.N. Vasian, S. Mărgărit, D. Ionescu, A. Keresztes, B. Arpăşteuan, N. Condruz, C. Coadă, I. Acalovschi:
Total Intravenous Anesthesia-Target Controlled Infusion for colorectal surgery. Remifentanil TCI vs sufentanil TCI
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4. A.M. Georgescu, J. Szederjesi, S.M. Copotoiu, L. Azamfirei: Predicting scores correlations in patients with septic shock – a cohort study Download full article

5. I. Luca Vasiliu, I. Cucereanu Bădică, I.C. Grinţescu,
I.M. Grinţescu: The influence of the method of initial stabilization of traumatic femoral shaft fractures on postoperative morbidity and mortality – a retrospective study Download full article

6. L.N. Jipa, D. Tomescu, G. Droc: The interrelation
between arterial lactate levels and postoperative outcome following liver transplantation Download full article

7. G. Estis, T. Ezri, Z. Tomori: Cough, expiration and aspiration reflexes: possible anesthetic implications – a brief review Download full article

8. S.D. Trancă, C.L. Petrişor, N. Hagău: Biomarkers in polytrauma induced systemic inflammatory response syndrome and sepsis – a narrative review
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9. O.H. Bedreag, A.F. Rogobete, M. Sărăndan, A. Cradigati, M. Păpurică, O.M. Roşu, C.M. Dumbuleu, D. Săndesc: Oxidative stress and antioxidant therapy in traumatic spinal cord injuries Download full article

Case reports
10. A. Izakson, G. Cherniavsky, A. Lazutkin, T. Ezri:
The i-gel as a conduit for the Aintree intubation catheter for subsequent fiberoptic intubation Download full article

11. D. Tomescu, S.O. Dima, S. Tănăsescu, C. Pistol Tănase, A. Năstase, M. Popescu: Effects of a novel cytokine haemoadsorbtion system on inflammatory response in septic shock after cephalic pancreatectomy – a case report
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