Volume 21, No.1, April 2014


1. S.J. Brull: New drugs, old settings – the advances continue Download full article

2. A.H. Onuţu: Looking for a better outcome after total knee arthroplasty Download full article

Clinical studies
3. T. Végh, M. Juhász, I. László, A. Vaskó, E. Tassonyi, B. Fülesdi: Clinical observations on reversal of rocuronium-induced residual neuromuscular blockade by sugammadex after thoracic
surgery Download full article

4. C. Petrişor, E. Brezoski, N. Gherman-Ionică, M. Sfichi, N. Hagău: In vitro tests versus skin tests and a positive history of neuromuscular blocking agents-induced immediate-type hypersensitivity reactions Download full article

5. N. Belîi, V. Moghildea, S. Şandru, I. Chesov, M. Vahnovan, A. Belîi: Anxiety, but not pain catastrophizing, represents a risk factor for severe acute postoperative pain: a prospective, observational, cohort study Download full article

6. D. Tomescu, M. Popescu, G. Droc, R. Fota, D. Ungureanu, V. Brasoveanu: Intraoperative blood loss and blood transfusion during liver transplantation. A national single center experience Download full article

7. D.M. Anastase, J. Winckelmann, P. Geiger:Effects of regional anaesthesia techniques on patients’ satisfaction after total knee arthroplasty Download full article

8. A.M. Georgescu, L. Azamfirei: Cell receptors as biomarkers in sepsis pathology

9. A. Rogobete, O. Bedreag, M. Păpurică, M. Sărăndan, A. Pop Coman, G. Preda, D. Săndesc: Systems for controlled release of biologically active compounds – applications in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care units

Congress report
10. Romanian authors at the European Congress of Anaesthesiology „Euroanaesthesia” 2013

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