Volume 20, No.1, April 2013


1.H. Ramakrishna: The role of albumin in the fluid resuscitation of major burn injuries Download full article

Clinical studies
2. I. Cucereanu-Bădică, I. Luca-Vasiliu, I. Grinţescu, I. Lascăr: The correlation between burn size and serum albumin level in the first 48 hours after burn injury Download full article

3. B. Baheri, H. Coppejans, E. Joukes, M. Vercauteren:
Do epidurals cause higher intrapartum temperatures in parturients and neonates? A Belgian experience
Download full article

4. G. Zheng, N. Gravenstein, T.E. Morey, K. Ben-David, S. Lampotang: Effects of heliox on respiratory management for a patient undergoing laparoscopic bariatric surgery
Download full article

5. B. Ateleanu, D. Burckett-St. Laurent, L. Srinivasa, S. Shenoy: A decade on: a 10-year cycled survey of staff and patients’ views on anaesthetic postoperative visits Download full article

6. S. Cionac Florescu, D.-M. Anastase, A.-M. Munteanu,
I.C. Stoica, D. Antonescu: Perioperative etoricoxib administration reduces postoperative opioid consumption without affecting transfusion requirements in total hip arthroplasty

7. L. Mirea, R. Ungureanu, R. Burtea, D. Pavelescu,
I. Grinţescu: Effect of injection speed on hypotension
associated with spinal anaesthesia for orthopaedic surgery in elderly patients

8. P. Hassett, G. Iohom: Anaesthesia for infrainguinal
vascular surgery Download full article

9. S. Mannion: Regional anaesthesia for upper limb
trauma: a review Download full article

Education in anaesthesiology
10.A. Miclescu: A discussion regarding problembased
learning in medicine with special reference to anaesthesiology Download full article /

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