Volume 19, No.2, October 2012


1.A.H. Onuţu: The new wave in regional anaesthesia
– ultrasound-guided peripheral nerve blocks

2.T. Ezri, S.J. Brull: Use of muscle relaxants in patients with difficult airway – Are we burning the bridge behind us?
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Clinical studies
3. E. Scărlatescu, G. Manga, L. Popa, D. Tulbure, G. Droc, D. Tomescu: The correlation between QT interval prolongation in cirrhotic cardiomyopathy and the severity of the liver disease

4. R. Manolescu, M. Melnic, R. Rotaru, S. Florea, D. Corneci, L. Azamfirei: Cardioprotective effects of sevoflurane vs propofol for non-cardiac surgery in patients with an increased cardiac risk

5. A.H. Onuţu, I. Acalovschi: : The use of regional anaesthetic and analgesic techniques in Romania

6. N. Hagau, R.S Pop:Prevalence of burnout in Romanian anaesthesia and intensive care physicians and associated factors Download full article

7. F. Pop, D. Ionescu: Evaluation of patient satisfaction in ICU

8. D.M. Anastase, S. Cionac Florescu, A.-M.
Munteanu: Ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia:
evidence-based medicine

9. E. Cardan:Sub-Tenon block: an anaesthetist approach Download full article

Point of view
10.C. Mitre, I. Mitre: Anaesthesia, what does the future hold?

Congress report
11.Romanian authors at the European Congress of
Anaesthesiology„ Euroanaesthesia” 2011-2012

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