Volume 19, No.1, April 2012


6. S.H. Amir, Q.E. Ali, U. Firdaus, A.Z. Azhar: Lateral cheek retraction – a simple maneuver in aiding laryngoscopy and intubation in paediatric patients Download full article

7. A. Izakson, T. Ezri, Dana Weiner, Diana Litmanovich, E.V. Khankin: New developments in understanding of pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment of severe acute pancreatitis Download full article

8. G. Litarczek: High frequency ventilation

Case reports
9.A.-M. Georgescu, D. Georgescu, R. Neagoe, L. Azamfirei: Severe sepsis caused by amoebic hepatic abscess

ESA guidelines
10. I. Smith, P. Kranke, I. Murat, A. Smith, G.
O’Sullivan, E. Søreide, C. Spies, B. in’t Veld: Perioperative
fasting in adults and children: guidelines from the European Society of Anaesthesiology

Guidelines for authors