Volume 18 No 2, October 2011


1.D. Longrois: Clinical reasoning in anaesthesia includes but is not replaced by sophisticated monitoring
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Clinical studies
2. N. Gherman-Ionica, E.S. Brezoszki, M. Sfichi, R. Bologa, N. Hagau: Perianaesthetic anaphylaxis. Initial results of the first Romanian allergoanaesthesia center Download full article

3. D. Schwartz, A. Wu, D. Han, Ch. Gibson, N.R. Connelly:
BIS in children during maintenance anesthesia
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4. I. CÓndea, A. Balcan, V. Gherghina, Gh. Nicolae, B. Samoil„, R. Popescu, D. Costea: The influence of pneumoperitoneum pressure on acute postoperative pain after laparoscopic cholecystectomy

5. A.H. Onuţu, I. Iacob, A. Todor, D. Lucaciu, I. Acalovschi: Is femoral nerve block with pethidine 1% a good alternative for analgetic management after anterior cruciate ligament arthroscopic reconstruction? A randomized clinical trial

6.R. Manolescu, M. Duþu, S. Negoiţa, D. Cotescu, G. Ionescu, G. Manolescu, D. Corneci: Procalcitonine and lactate clearance, biomarkers of prognosis in severe sepsis

7. H. Vasian, S. Mãrgãrit: Total intravenous anaesthesia - present and future

8. H. Ramakrishna, J.G.T. Augoustides: Echocardiography for the assessment of unexplained perioperative hypotension Download full article

9. L.H.D.J. Booij: Appropriate use of muscle relaxants in anaesthesia, intensive and emergency care
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Case reports

10. C. Mitre, A. Roucaciu, I. Acalovschi: The use of sugammadex in a patient with myasthenia gravis to reverse rocuronium-induced neuromuscular blockade
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11. P. Biro: Anaesthesia in a patient with Prader-Willi syndrome and severe burn injury: a case report
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12. C. Smith, A. Coleman, Y. Al-Baghdadi, M. Orlewicz: Therapeutic hypothermia in PEA cardiac arrest for global and local cerebral protection: a case report and mini-review Download full article

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