Volume 18, No.1, March 2011


1.M. Vercauteren: Regional anaesthesia and coronary artery disease: more than one aspect Download full article

Clinical studies
2. R.A. Greengrass, S.R. Clendenen, B.L. Ladlie, J.E. Crook, I.I. Logvinov, C.B. Robards: Paravertebral blockade for inguinal herniorrhaphy – novice performance of anatomic versus nerve stimulatorguided techniques Download full article

3. C. Bodolea, A. Oblezniuc, A.M. Caea, N. Botos, F. Tamasy, T. Cristea, B. Feciche, Z. Mihaly, I. Coman,V. Donca S. Pintea: Postoperative cognitive dysfunction after urologic surgery. Diagnostic role of cerebral oximetry technique and plasma
concentration of NMDA receptor antibodies

4. M. Trifu, O. Raţã, C. Berteanu, E. Gheorghiţã, A.V. Ciurea, M. Gorgan, D. Ionescu: TIVA-TCI for the elective neurosurgical procedures – the experience of a Romanian hospital in a prospective, randomized study

5. B. Aţeleanu, N. Kumar: Anaesthesia for liver resection – Cardiff Liver Unit experience

6. D. Kothari, J. Bindal: Impact of obstetric analgesia (regional vs parenteral) on progress and outcome of labour: a review Download full article

7. I. Mitre: The airway management in maxillofacial surgery

Case reports
8. K.T. Riutort, C.B. Robards, S.R. Clendenen, S.J. Brull, R.A. Greengrass: Continuous peripheral nerve blockade may contribute to early diagnosis of postoperative myocardial infarction in high risk patients Download full article

ESA guidelines
9. W. Gogarten, E. Vandermeulen, H. Van Aken, S. Kozek, J.V. Llau, C.M. Samama: Regional anaesthesia and antithrombotic agents: recommendations of the European Society of Anaesthesiology

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