Volume 17, No.1, March 2010


1.A. Fassoulaki: Are the new antiepileptics
efficacious for postoperative pain? Download full article

Clinical studies
2. S.R. Clendenen, S. Rajendran, D.J. Kopacz, R.A.
Greengrass, C.B. Robards, D.M. Weinstein, M.P.
Brodersen, C.J. Ortiguera, J. Crook, I.I. Logvinov:: Pregabalin as an adjunct to a multimodal analgesic regimen to achieve opioid sparing in arthroscopic rotator cuff repair
Download full article

3. S. Mãrgãrit, D. Ionescu, A. Hadade, J. Szederjesi,
N. Miron, C. Bondor, G. Molnar, L. Azamfirei, T.
Groza, V. Cristea: The influence of anaesthetic technique on plasma level of IL-6, IL-10 and IL- 6/IL-10 ratio during laparoscopic cholecystectomy. TIVA versus inhalation anaesthesia

4.A. Onuţu, D. Ionescu, A. Rãduţ, D. Deac, I. Iacob, D.Lucaciu: Propofol-TCI and remifentanil- MCI vs remifentanil-TCI sedation as adjuvant of local anesthesia for orthopaedic surgery. A randomized clinical trial

5.C. Guran, E. Drãgulin, G. Stelea, A. Moise, N. Mincu: Preemptive or preventive? The best time for perioperative analgesia using dexketoprofen in laparoscopic cholecystectomy

6.N. Hagãu, I. Alb, L. Bene, S. Cocu, N. Gherman-
Ionicã, C. Indrei:: Concordance between history of drug allergy and diagnostic tests in an allergoanaesthesia centre

7. A. Miclescu, L. Wiklund: Methylene blue, an old drug with new indications? Download full article

8. L. Azamfirei, R. Copotoiu, R. Solomon: Controversies in the definition of the acute respiratory distress syndrome

9. M. Vercauteren, L. Sermeus, H. Coppejans, Y.
Jacquemyn: The morbidly obese parturient: myths versus facts Download full article

Case reports
10. V. Calu, M. Duţu, I. Dumitrescu, A. Miron, R. Manolescu, Ş. Marinescu: Postoperative digestive fistulas associated with severe sepsis

11. M. Sãrãndan, C.A. Cradigati, S. Chiriac, B. Þunescu, Z. Crãiniceanu, M. Mãstãcãneanu, F. Negrea, D. Sãndesc: Therapeutic management in polytrauma patient with prolonged laparostomy

12. V.M. Diaconescu: Ketamine in the postoperative management of a patient with Parkinson?s disease

UEMS information
13. Quality and safety guidelines of postanaesthesia care

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