Volume 17, No.2, October 2010


1. D. Ionescu: Postoperative analgesia in elderly – looking for the best management

Clinical studies
2. R. Solomon, L. Azamfirei, R. Copotoiu, S.-M. Copotoiu, J. Szederjesi, J. Kovacs, D. Corneci, K. Brânzaniuc, I. Ghiţescu, S. Gurzu, G. Grigorescu: Evaluation of the PaO2/FiO2 ratio
versus SpO2/FiO2 ratio in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome

3. L. Azamfirei, R. Solomon, R. Copotoiu, S.-M. Copotoiu, J. Szederjesi, J. Kovacs, D. Corneci, K. Brânzaniuc, I. Ghiţescu: Effects of PEEP and tidal volume variations on PaO2/FiO2 ratio in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome

4. H. Berkenstadt, Y. Yusim, A. Ziv, T. Ezri, O. Rubin, A. Perel: Assessment of a point-of-care information system in simulated pediatric anesthesia emergencies
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5. C. V. Gherghina, Gh. Nicolae, I. Cîndea, A. Balcan,M. Coşofreţ, V. Sîrbu: Efficacy and adverse effects of intravenous vs epidural patient-controlled analgesia in the elderly patients after major abdominal surgery RETRACTED

6.I. Cîndea, A. Balcan, Gh. Nicolae, V. Gherghina,
R. Popescu, B. Samoilã: Preemptive intraperitoneal bupivacaine and intravenous paracetamol for postoperative pain after major abdominal surgery

7. P. Szmuk, P. Olomuk, R.B. Pop, A.C. Farrow- Gilespie: General anesthetics and neurotoxicity in the developing brain: a review of current literature Download full article

8. A.H. Onuţu, I. Acalovschi: Pethidine, opioid and local anaesthetic. The role of pethidine in regional anaesthesia

9. D. Gavish, T. Ezri, A. Klepfish, A.A. Weinbroum, A. Izakson, S. Evron: Perioperative blood transfusion: a brief review of pros and cons Download full article

10. M. Papaianu: Ultrasound technique – new horizons in anaesthesia and intensive care?

In memoriam
11. Prof. dr. Şerban Marinescu

UEMS information
12. J. Mellin-Olsen, S. Staender, D.K. Whitaker, A.F. Smith: The Helsinki Declaration on Patient Safety in Anaesthesiology

Congress report
13. Romanian authors at the European Congress of
Anaesthesiology „Euroanaesthesia” 2010