Volume 16, No.2, October 2009


1.M. Vercauteren: Maintenance of epidural labour analgesia: bolus top-ups, continuous infusion, patient-controlled or super-tech? Download full article

2.D. Filipescu: Can beta-blockers reduce the anaesthetic

Clinical studies
3. C. Guran, E. Drãgulin, G. Stelea, A. Moise, N. Mincu: Metoprolol infusion reduces fentanyl requirements during balanced general anesthesia for moderate amplitude surgery

4. V. Dorca, D. Feier, A. Bãlintescu, I. Belciu, D. Groza, S. Ciuchinã: Patient-controlled epidural analgesia (PCEA) versus continuous epidural infusion analgesia (CEIA) for labour using levobupivacaine

5.I.A.M. Munteanu: Efficacy of the methods to reduce the allogenic transfusion in primary knee arthroplasty

6.M. Sava, N. Rusu: Effects of gabapentin on haemodynamic response to laryngoscopy and tracheal intubation

7.O. Avram, I. Grecu, R. Macovei, O. Marinescu,
I. Grinţescu: Benefits of implementation of a protocol for identification of preoperative chronic alcohol abusers and for alcohol withdrawal syndrome prevention

8. M. Vercauteren: Analgesia after Caesarean section: are neuraxial techniques outdated? Download full article

9. S. Trancã, N. Hagãu: Viper bites. The intensive care treatment of the critically ill patient with severe toxic reaction after exposure to snake venom

10. C. Mitre: Peculiarities of the difficult airway in children

Education in anaesthesiology
11. P. Biro: The difficult intubation drill at the University Hospital Zürich
Download full article

Case reports
12. T. Ezri, A. Golan, L. Sasson, Y. Rozenman: Pheochromocytoma induced fulminant cardiogenic shock following laparoscopic salpingectomy, successfully managed with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation with a bifid epiglottis Download full article

13. R. Manolescu, M. Duţu, S. Negoiţã, G. Ionescu,
M. Bucur, M. Melnic, D. Corneci,Ş. Marinescu: Intraanaesthetic cardiac arrest ? a complication of laparoscopic surgery?

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