Volume 16, No.1, March 2009


1.C. Mitre: The difficulty of predicting difficult orotracheal intubation

Clinical studies
2. L. Chiuţu, E. Ioniţã, G.D. Vãrzaru, Fl. Anghelina,
N.V. Cãlina, D.C. Cãlina: Predicting difficult orotracheal intubation in pharyngo-laryngeal surgery

3. M. Sava, N. Rusu: Effects of gabapentin on preoperative
anxiety and postoperative analgesia with morphine in rectocolic surgery

4.I. Ghiţescu, S.-M. Copotoiu, R.S. Toma, V.T. Ghiţescu, R. Copotoiu: Mean filter life span in continuous veno-venous hemofiltration for septic patients

5. I. Grecu, A.E. Nicolau, D. Ologoiu, M. Nicolau, I. Grinţescu: Diclophenac/orphenadrine decreases tramadol consumption and incidence of nausea and vomiting (PONV) after laparoscopic cholecystectomy

6.I. Grigoraş, C. Carteş, M. Lechinţeanu, C. Sãndulache, M. Borcea, O. Onofrei: Influence of postoperative epidural analgesia on postoperative rehabilitation in major digestive surgery – a comparative study

7. D. Ionescu, A. Alexe: Molecular, cellular and genetic
effects of general anesthetics

8. N. Gherman-Ionicã, R. Bologa, C. Indrei, D. Hagãu, D. Dîrzu, S. Trancã, N. Hagãu: The allergologic survey of the patient at risk of perioperative anaphylaxis

9. M. Vercauteren: Non-cardiac surgery and obstetric
analgesia in the patient with valvular disease: anesthetic considerations
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10. L. Azamfirei, R. Copotoiu: Pathogenic mechanisms
in acute respiratory distress syndrome

Case report
11. K.T. Riutort, N.G. Feinglass, S.J.Brull: Anesthetic
implications of Pallister-Hall Syndrome in patients
with a bifid epiglottis
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UEMS information
12. Guidelines for anaesthesiologist specialist training
in pain medecine

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