Volume 14, No.2, september 2007


Case reports
7. N.Hagãu, S.Cocu, M.Mleşniţe, R.Gãvruş, C. Bãdescu, C.Laslo, I.Geczi-Toth, A.Bãrãcan: Hipokalaemic tetraparesis: the renal etiology elucidated by strong ion difference calculation
8. Marcel Vercauteren: Pre-existing neurological disease: how safe is regional anaesthesia?
9. D.Corneci: What is new in antifungal therapy
10. G.Zbãganu Valcoreanu: Acid-base phyhsiology. Practical applications of the Stewart-Fecl-Figge physico-chemical concept
UEMS information
11. JTA Knape, H. Adriaensen, H.van Aken, WP Blunnie, C. Carlsson, M Dupont, T Pasch.Guidelines for sedation and/or analgesia by nonanaesthesiology doctors
Congress report
12. Romanian authors in The European Congress of
Anaesthesiology “Euroanaesthesia 2007”

SRATI information
13. Rom J Anaesth Int Care has his own web site
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