Volume 14, No.1, March 2007


7. M.Lerinţiu, G.Caracostea, F.Stamatian: The influence of epidural analgesia with local anaesthetic and opioid on fetal oxigen saturation during labor

8. M.V.Haţegan, I.Acalovschi: Addition of fentanyl prolongs the duration of bupivacaine spinal anaesthesia in orthopedic surgery


9. G.Zbăganu Valcoreanu: Acido-basic physiology principles. Actual approach

10. D.Filipescu, M.Luchian, O.Ghenu, I.Răileanu, H.Moldovan, L.Iliuţã, M.Ruginã : Levosimendan, a new positive inotropic and vasodilator drug

Case report
11. L.Colar, Gr.Tinică, A.Ciucu, A.Covic, V.Diaconescu,
D.Dăscălescu: The role of MARS in the therapy of liver failure after resuscitated cardiac arrest.