Volume 13, No.1, April 2006


6.A.Belîi, J.Pottecher, J.Huntzinger: The use of pharmacokinetics for optimising the postoperative analgesic regimens based on i.v. continuous administration of opioids

7. P.Nicolcescu, L.Postelnicu, F.Purcaru: The effect of the addition of lidocaine to propofol on the requirements of prpofol for induction of hypnosis

8. D.Ionescu, A.Bălintescu, I.Belciu, I.Onicaş, H.Vasian, I.Acalovschi: Do the obese patients require less analgesia after laparoscopic cholecystectomy?


9. N.Mircea, C.Georgescu: Risk management in anaesthesiology

10 H.Vasian: New guidelines in cardiopulmonary resuscitation


11. C.O.Pastuch, A.Şerban: The metallic sphygmomanometer
for measurement of the endotraheal tube cuff pressure