Volume 12, No.2, October, 2005


9. L.Chiuţu, R.Nemeş: Flumazenil as an antagonist of benzodiazepine anaesthesia in ENT surgery

10. M.Filip, L.Szegedi, M.Negrãu: Obesity - risk factor of postoperative respiratory failure

Studii experimentale
11. S.Albu, B.Cuparencu, V.Şandor: The influence of
ethylephrine on some effects of pancuronium and d-tubocurarine. Experimental investigations


12. M.Vercauteren: Current issues in general anesthesia for Cesarean section

Case report
13. R.Pop, M.Bemer, V.Robert, C.Streff: A case of difficult sedation in ICU

Anaesthesia history

14. S.Ghişoiu: Walter Eduard Dandy (1886 - 1946) and the first intensive care ward in 1923

Informatii SRATI
15. Acknowledgement of the scientific quality of the Romanian Journal of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care

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