Volume 12, No.1, April, 2005


1. The message of the Pope John Paul II addressed to anaesthesiologists

Clinical studies

2. L.Băilă, R.Bencze, M.Chiorean: Double lumen tubes malposition and hypoxemia during one-lung ventilation

3. M.Crîsnic, P.Deutsch, H.Cioloca, M.Sintean, M.Cocora, D.Nechifor, I.Socoteanu, M.Raica: Myocardial mast cells degranulation during cardiac surgery is not cardioplegic solution temperature - dependent

4. C.Zdrehuş, C.Gavrea, C.N.Casian, I.Acalovschi: Placement and maintenance of central venous catheters - risks, complications, benefits

5. L.Chiuţu, R.Nemeş: Sevoflurane prolongues the action of rocuronium: a beneficial effect for the short time procedures in ENT surgery

6. C.Rusan, I.Acalovschi, D.Lucaciu, I.Hopulele, S.Hopulele: Is blood transfusion compulsory in total hip replacement?

7. S.Mărgărit, I.Acalovschi, L.Vele, C.Călăian: Comparison of PCEA with and without nighttime infusion in colorectal surgery
8. M.V. Haţegan, I.Acalovschi: Mechanisms of extension of spinal block in combined spinal-epidural anaesthesia: effect of volume or dose?

9. S.M.Copotoiu, Ioana Ghiţescu, M.Chiorean: Perioperative management of the cardio-vascular patient

10. N.Mircea, C.Georgescu: Patient security in contemporary
anaesthesia and the medico-judiciary problems

Case report
11. N.Hagău, D.Studnicska: Extra-corporeal circulation in a patient with severe coagulopathy

12. C.Bodolea: Paravertebral block technique

FEEA Courses

13 D.Ionescu: Up-date on pathophisiology and treatment of acid base disorders