Volume 11, No.2, October 2004


1. Acalovschi: The fungal infections – a new challenge for the intensivist

Clinical studies
2. L.Băilă , R.Bencze , M.Chiorean: The influence of regional blocks on hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction during anaesthesia for thoracic surgery

3. C.Mitre, I.Acalovschi, Viorica Butz, Corina Mâţu: Prophilaxis of postoperative pain by intraperitoneal instillation of trometanol-N after laparoscopic surgery - a comparative study with bupivacaine 0.5%

4. Daniela Ionescu, Liana Vele, Delia Miclea, Diana Arieşan: Is it important to assess patients satisfaction in ICU?

5. Ioana Grigoraş: The risk factors of postoperative pulmonary complications in abdominal surgery with laparotomy

6. M.Lerinţiu, K.Orosz, Marcela Voicu, Georgeta Tudoricã, C.Truşcă: Combined spinal-epidural technique versus epidural technique for labor analgesia

7. N.Mircea , L.Horhotă: The risk of fungal infections in the ICU. Epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment

8. O.Toma, W.Schlack: What should the clinician anaesthetist know about the tissue lesions, consecutive to ischemia and reperfusion?

Case reports
9. I.M.Crîsnic, P.Deutsch, M.Sintean, H.Cioloca, A.Lãcãtuşu, I.Socoteanu: Anaesthesia and the postoperative care after the surgical closure of a ventricular septal defect in a child with previous split-liver transplantation

10. C.Rusan, I.Acalovschi, D.Lucaciu, A.Molnar, S.Hopulele: An unconventional therapy of a subtrochanteric fracture in an Jehovah Witness

11. Călina Constande, L.Szegedi, M.Galu, M.Negrău: Epileptiform movements associated with propofol administration?

12. C.Zdrehuş: Percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy technique with “rhino” dilatator

Information UEMS

13. Peter Simpson: Membership and Fellowship of the European Board of Anaesthesiology

Calendar of events

Guidelines for authors