Volume 11, No.1, March 2004


1. Professor Mircea Chioreanu to 70th anniversary Clinical studies

Clinical studies

2. S. Mărgărit, I. Acalovschi, C. Chira, R. Găvruş: Analgesic effects of rofecoxib versus ibuprofen following major abdominal surgery

3. P. Nicolcescu, L. Calin, I. Sosea, N.V. Calina, F. Purcaru: APACHE III score for risk prediction of mortality of patients with vasculo-cerebral haemorrhage

4. D. Ionescu, C. Bădescu, A. Ilie, I. Acalovschi: Melatonin as a premedication for laparoscopic cholecystectomy

5. L. Chiuţu, F. Purcaru: The indications and the limits of topic anaesthesia in ophtalmic surgery

6. M. Haţegan, I. Acalovschi, I. Kovacs: The extension of combined spinal-epidural anaesthesia with low dose of local anaesthetics and opioid using epidural „top-up”

7. C. Rusan, I. Acalovschi, D. Lucaciu, S. Hopulele: Spinal anesthesia with a mixture of subtherapeutic doses of local anesthetic and opioid for hip surgery in elderly
8. M. Negrău, L. Szegedi, M. Galu, C. Constande: Difficulties of weaning from prolonged mechanical ventilation

Laboratory investigations

9. V. Şandor, B. Cuparencu, T. Trăistaru, M. Semenescu, A. Buzoianu, L. Palaghiţă-Banias, L.T. Krausz: Effects of phenylephrine and clonidine on hypoxic hypoxia in anesthetized guinea pigs

10. D. Corneci: Prophylaxis and treatment of venous thromboembolism

Case report

11. C. Mitre, I. Coman, E. Kiss: Anaesthesia for uroperitonitis in an infant with a severe Fallot tetralogy

12. C. Bodolea: The placement of a thoracostomy tube

13. P. Nicolcescu: Standards of anaesthesia and intensive care practice in USA

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