Volume 10, No.2, October 2003


8. N.Hagău, I.Vlad, S.Negruţiu, F.Steiu, A.Mureşan: The effect of caudal morphine analgesia on extubation time in paediatric cardiac surgery


9. V.Murgu: Cardiogenic shock

10. L.Hecser: The cerebral death: aspects and implications

11. D.Ionescu: Are necessary protocols for measurement
of blood gases in ICU?

Points of view
12. E.Cardan: The anaesthesist is only a human being

Case reports

13. D.Ionescu, I.Acalovschi, C.Puia, A.Dobrescu: Anaesthetic and intensive care management of a patient with familial periodic paralysis

14. F. Constandache, D.Bandrabur, L.Călin: The use of recombinant activated factor VII (Novo Seven) in surgical and obstetrical haemorrhages

15. I.Acalovschi, C.Bodolea, C.Zdrehuş, D.Ionescu, L.Leucă, A.Ştirbu: Drotrecogin alpha-activated in a case of severe sepsis

Guidelines R.S.A.I.C.

Guidelines for postanesthetic management
Book review
Guidelines for authors