Volume 10, No.1, March 2003


1. Prof.Dr.Aurel Mogoşeanu - 70th Anniversary

2. I. Acalovschi: Postoperative nausea and vomiting - a complication waiting to be solved

Clinical studies

3. D.Ionescu, C.Bădescu, I. Acalovschi: Is nicotine an antiemetic?

4. L. Campeanu, M. Chiorean: The effect of preoperative low-dose ondansetron and dexamethasone on the immediate and delayed postoperative morbidity in children undergoing

5. M.Popescu, G.Gurman, A.Porrath, E.Avinoah, A.Steiner: The influence of the intraoperative cerebral electrical activity on postoperative analgesia in obese patients

6. C.Rusan, I.Acalovschi, D.Lucaciu, S.Hopulele, I. Hopulele: Spinal anaesthesia with small volume of local anaesthetic for hip surgery in elderly patients

7. R.Pop, I.Acalovschi, A.Păuşan, S.Radu: Intravenous regional anaesthesia with ropivacaine versus ropivacaine and pethidine

8. C.Mitre, D.Frent, H.Branda, M.Tanţău: The treatment with isosorbide 5-mononitrate in the prevention of the acute rebleeding episodes in patients with cirrhosis

9. C.Zdrehuş, D.Kerhalkar, R.Butunoiu, R.S.Zdrehuş:
A comparison of propofol auto-co-induction with midazolam co-induction for laryngeal mask insertion

10.R.Bădeţi, B .Popescu, D. Damian: Up-date on nutrition in neo-natesa ndi nfants

11. C.Bodolea: Chirality in anaesthesia Hypothesis

12. G.Litarczek, D.Farcaş, J .Isăilă: Method for unitary display for the systolic arterial pressure variations

Case report

13. C.Mitre, I.Coman, I.Geczi - Toth: Spinal anaesthesia for ambulatory laparoscopic surgery in a patient with varicocele


14. C.Bodolea: Percutaneous suprapubian cystostomy

Information E.A.A.
15. Standards and requirements for a qualified anaesthesia simulator training

In memoriam
16. Dr. Ion Cristea - a great lost for anaesthesia and intensive care in Romania
Book review
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