Volume 9, No.2, October 2002


1. S.M. Copotoiu: Epidural blood patch for postdural puncture headache- friend or foe?

Clinical studies
2. D.Săndesc,. Nediglea, P.Deutsch, O .Toma, O.Bedreag: Post dural puncture headache (PDPH)- conventional medical treatment versus epidural blood-patch (EBP)

3. C.Bodolea, I Acalovschi, O. Teodorescu: The potentiation of spinal anaesthesia by coadministration of pethidine and

4. Daniela Ionescu, Carmen Vasiliniuc, L.Leucă, I.Acalovschi: Dexamethasone, droperidol or ondansetron for the prevention
of PONY after laparoscopic cholecistectomy

5. Cristina Leşi, L.Szegedi: The efficacy of adjuvants for epidural anaesthesia in orthopedic surgery


6. Simona Margarit: Sedation and analgesia in intensive care unit
7. L.Băilă: Techniques of lung separation in anaesthesia and intensive care. Part II

8. C.Bodolea: Technique of combined epidural - spinal anaesthesia

FEEA Courses

9. Daniela Ionescu: Alpha-adrenergics

10. J.J. de Lange: Pressure measurement by pulmonary artery catheter

History of anaesthesia

11. S.Ghişoiu: Koller's daughter and local anaesthesia with cocaine

Guidelines RSAIC
12. Guidelines for patients' supervision during anaesthesia

13. Guidelines for ambulatory anaesthesia

UEMS information

14. H.Adriaensen ~i colab..: Guidelines for sedation by doctors non-anaesthesiologists
Book review
Calendar of events
Guidelines for authors