Volume 9, No.1, June 2002


1. I. Acalovschi: The Journal of the Romanian Society of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care - a new edition

Clinical studies

2. J.A. Aldrete, V.T..Aldrete, L.A. Vascello, J.C. Zapata, T. Brown, B. Decker: Clinical symptoms in patients with arachnoiditis

3. L. Câmpeanu, M. Chiorean: Prevention of postoperatory emetic syndrome with ondansetron and dexametazone in patients with middle ear surgery

4. C. Bodolea, C. Roş, I. Acalovschi: Intravenous and topic laryngeal administration of pethidine or lidocaine for prevention of haemodynamic reaction after laryngoscopy and tracheal

5.D. Ionescu, C. Bădescu, D. Maican, I. Acalovschi: Postoperative nausea and vomiting. The influence of smoking

6. M. Negrău L. Szegedi: The efficacy of the deescalation
therapy in nosocomial pneumonia

7. D. Ionescu, C. Vasiliniuc, S. Ciobotea, I. Acalovschi: Droperidol versus dexametazone for prevention of PONY
8. L.Hecser: Prognostic criteria in anoxic and traumatic coma II. The Posttraumatic coma

9. M. Vercauteren: Cost efficiency of PC A for acute pain therapy: do we need all these expensive pumps?


10. B.J. Pollard: Ethics of publishing


11. L.Băilă: Techniques of lung separation in anaesthesia and intensive care. Part I

12. C. Bodolea: Technique of combitube insertion

Courses FEEA
13. L.Szegedi, C. Constande: Calcium antagonists

14. Ph. Scherpereel: Cardiac arrest. New standards and perspectives in CPR

Information UEMS

15. A.J. Cunningham: Guidelines for specialist training in pain medicine
Book review
Calendar of events
Guidelines for authors